Indiegogo 2017

I have launched my Indiegogo campaign to share my story, to continue my journey as an artisan and with your help harness the momentum YOU have helped to nurture over the last three years and take Lock and Key to the next level. Thank you for considering to support my campaign and #unlockdesign. 

Amazing perks exclusive for YOU and the campaign.

The campaign runs for the next two months and any help, donation, spreading the word from the roof tops would be much appreciated!

Unlock Potential, Unlock Design For Indiegogo



Shout Outs:

At the end of each week I will be posting shout outs for all of the love shared that week prior. Share the love!

Brent Blackwelder

Paula Cymerman

Danica Liberman

The Dunns

Julie Franklin

Michael Hsiung

Shap Malek

Rob Michaelis

Jacque Nodell

Michael Perrin

Sandy Perrin

Ronna Saeedpour

Sarah Schumacher

James Sczuch

Harriet Jennings Shirley

Kevin Tearton

Duski Wanamaker *

Rachel Wooden


*denotes funded more then once