Part Two- Inspiration From Collaboration

Part Two of the blog series highlights the project kick off with the friends at Friends Life Community. To kick it off, Friends Life's great program specialist and I spoke about how we would want to spend the studio time together. 

How did we want to approach the development of the art?

What type of conversations did we want the art to inspire? 

The day of the kick off brought me to their Berry Hill location. We went wild together digging through the Friends Life Community art supply closet, spending hours together painting and sculpting masterpieces. I can't tell you how inspiring it was to meet the friends, hear their stories, and see how they expressed themselves through art. I was quickly reminded what an amazing platform art is for connection and communication, and honored that the friends were willing to share their visual stories with me for a day. Over the next few weeks the art we created was constructed into a mobile. Gotta love a mobile. 

Art mobile and POM POMS!!

Art mobile and POM POMS!!

When I got home, I sketched a series of pieces inspired by the friends and their artwork. These sketches have formed the basis of my Friends Life Community collection.

Sketches for the Friends Life curated jewelry collection.

Sketches for the Friends Life curated jewelry collection.

After a few rounds of refining with the team at Friends Life Community the designs were complete. I incorporated labradorite stones, which represent transformation, and am using metal clay (one of the most transformative jewelry mediums that exists) to shape pendants inspired by the friends artwork. 

We have named the collection Enetelechy which is defined as "the realization of potential"

"What do the actual pieces look like and where can you purchase them?", you ask. Tune in next week to find out more...

Tony Perrin