Lock and Key is excited to share some of its many collaborations with the creative community. If you would like to collaborate with Lock and Key please contact us to start a conversation. We look forward to brainstorming with you.


Music City Mavens

Chelsea and Hannah are best friends, and together they explore Music City, sharing their adventures of style and fashion with their viewers. Their energy and passion for what they do is infectious making collaborating a breeze. With great eyes for styling not only a shoot but a story MCM's adventures will only continue on! Below are a few of the pictures from the feature. Click to view the original post.


Caroline Margaret Studios

Nashville has been Caroline's home since she was a little girl.  The people of this city have so much to offer, from craving quality craftsmanship to that classic Southern heart and generosity.  As this city blossoms, she hopes to share as much of this experience as she can in a refreshing way.  This project is her way to illuminate those parts of her life in a bigger way than she ever has before.

Caroline is a true champion of supporting local and it was an honor for Lock and Key to collaborate with her. Sincere and authentic her insight and help is always appreciated and Lock and Key looks forward to working with her again. Below are a few of the pictures from the feature. Click to view the original post.