The Designer

Lock and Key founder Tony Perrin was raised in Southern California where he was immersed in a world of creativity. From following his older sister to dance class and spending summers in his father's photography studio, to watching his mother paint Tony was destined to travel a creative path. At the age of ten Tony spent the summer learning the artisan tradition of bead weaving from a family friend Frank "Frankie" Perez. Frankie was an old soul and authentic to his core. He made his own jewelry, tumbled and cut his own stones, worked with metal and was a master bead weaver working on his handmade loom. It was this last artisan tradition that Tony spent much of his summer learning.

Upon Frank's passing, while Tony was still attending New York University, Frank's wife handed down his loom to Tony. While Tony worked on the loom on a custom-order basis he did not fully realize the vision for Lock and Key for another fifteen years. 

After spending over a decade as a professional dancer, working in the television and theatre industries, Tony found himself injured and in search of his next chapter in life. His skill at hand sewing, scenic and costume design helped land him a job, and the beginning of a new career, in the New York fashion industry working for some of the top designers in the world. After traveling back to Los Angeles and continuing to gain invaluable experience he settled down in Nashville where Lock and Key found its roots. 

Little did Tony know how much that one summer was going to affect his life twenty five years later.

Whenever Tony is not on the loom he is getting his hands and feet dirty, creatively speaking, when ever possible. From graphic and textile design to modern, tap, classical ballet and yoga Tony's mind and body are always on the go. 

Frank "Frankie" Perez and founder Tony Perrin

Frank "Frankie" Perez and founder Tony Perrin

Founder and designer Tony Perrin

Founder and designer Tony Perrin

The Designs

Lock and Key brings a touch of modern eclecticism and international cool to each collection. By fusing Native American beading with classic ball-and-chain Lock and Key connects the past with the present. Each piece is hand beaded and/or loomed with the ball-and-chain interweaving with the beading seamlessly. Tony recently acquired a metal clay kiln and has been sculpting solid bronze and sterling silver pieces for his jewelry truly creating wearable art.

Whether shopping the markets in New Delhi, India or small flea markets throughout the region founder Tony Perrin is always on the lookout for new and unique pendants to use in the collection.  

Named after a notable person in history with a big secret, each style has a little secret of its own to reveal. With an iconic lock charm finishing off each Lock & Key piece, our jewelry urges wearers to share their secrets, too.