Selfie Series:

Just like each piece of Lock & Key jewelry, each Lock & Key wearer has his or her own unique story. We're working with a number of artists, dancers, and "makers" in the creative industry and asking them to share their Lock & Key narrative. In our Selfie Series, artists are given a collection of Lock & Key pieces and simply asked to capture their passion and purpose on camera. Know someone special who'd make a great Selfie Series subject? Contact us for more information.

Fall/Winter 2016/17:

Anna Haas:

Like founder of Lock and Key, Tony Perrin, Anna Haas is a master of many creative talents. Her eye as a photographer is only amplified due to her time in front of the camera as a singer, songwriter and performer. In addition, previously being a dancer, she keenly understands how a body moves and the best ways to frame it.

She has worked with some incredible photographers and graphic designers over the years who have helped make her image pop.

She created Red Hare Design to be a place where artists can come for image consulting, styling and badass promo photos to use for their website, press and social media sites.

She gets to know each artist before shooting them. She specializes in keeping it simple, steering away from the overdone and cliche, and bringing out the heart of each artist. She wants to keep things hip and original.

And most importantly, because she shoots in natural light, she doesn't charge an arm and a leg.

Check out her amazing rates, then hit her up at to set up your shoot!


Nissi Bergman:

Nissi Lee is a makeup artist based in Nashville, Tennessee.  She is a joy to work with. Her creative insight and fresh perspective brings new ideas and solutions to the set. Her exceptional customer service, extensive product knowledge, superior kit materials, and on site location services provide a unique and relaxed experience.  Nissi has worked on a variety of projects including bridal events, editorial photo shoots, music videos, corporate head shots, and advertising campaigns to name a few.  She graduated from the Academy of Makeup Arts and continuously develops her technique to utilize the latest and greatest from the beauty world.  Her contributions on set include Airbrush/HD makeup, Tattoo coverup, and Hair Styling.   

You can view more of her work on her website