N92- The Josephine Crescent Moon

N92- The Josephine Crescent Moon


Y Necklace anchored by bronze sculpted crescent moon textured in snake skin and accented with faceted labradorite “shark teeth” pendants. Total length approximately 28"

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Antique brass tiny ball and chain, hand sculpted, solid bronze crescent moon and accented with faceted Amazonite pendants. Small trigger clasp closure with 1/2" extension and Lock and Key charm.


All of Lock and Key's pieces are inspired by a person of intrigue. During WW2 Ms. Baker was the perfect spy for her adopted France. Once a Mussolini sympathizer,  the Axis powers did not think to check her luggage upon travel.  She was known to smuggle notes written on her sheet music in invisible ink, as well as pinning photographs of military installations to her underwear. Talk about getting your panties in a bunch. 

A note on Labradorite:

It is known as the transformation stone and a sister to Moonstone being called the Rainbow Moonstone. It provides strength during times of great change.