N62 D Buchanan Double Strand Necklace

N62 D Buchanan Double Strand Necklace


Long double strand necklace highlighted by grey glass seed beads and square cut rutlilated quartz.

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Long antique brass delicate chain accented by double strands of matte grey glass beads and square cut rutilated quartz beads. Small trigger clasp closure and Lock and Key charm.


All of Lock and Key's pieces are inspired by a person of intrigue. Daisy is The Great Gatsby's most enigmatic, and perhaps disappointing, character. Although Gatsby romanticizes their relationship she reveals her secret, she is a shallow, selfish and self serving person. Gatsby’s blind love for her ruins him in the end and she leaves in her furs and high lifestyle. Over eighty years since Daisy first graced the written page her character is reflected in modern society but sadly she would most likely be on a reality show.