N75- The D Lamour Labradorite Crescent Moon

N75- The D Lamour Labradorite Crescent Moon


Statement necklace with biwa black pearls and labradorite crescent moon plated in 24k gold. Approximately 21”.

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Antique brass open link chain, large labradorite crescent moon pendant plated with 24k gold, champagne glass beads and biwa black fresh water pearls. Small trigger clasp closure and Lock and Key charm.


All of Lock and Key's pieces are inspired by a person of intrigue. Dorothy Lamour was an American actress and singer. She is best remembered for appearing in the Road to… movies, a series of successful comedies starring Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

Lamour began her career in the 1930s as a big band singer. In 1936, she moved to Hollywood where she signed with Paramount Pictures. Her appearance as "Ulah" in The Jungle Princess (1936) brought her fame and marked the beginning of her image as the "Sarong Queen."

A note on Labradorite:

It is known as the transformation stone and a sister to Moonstone being called the Rainbow Moonstone. It provides strength during times of great change.