R15 The M. Rogers Cocktail Ring- Tuquoise/Copper

R15 The M. Rogers Cocktail Ring- Tuquoise/Copper


Medium size turquoise/copper cabochon set in hand sculpted, solid bronze shank.

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Hand sculpted, solid bronze ring with medium size turquoise/copper cabachon. The cabochon is created using hydrolic pressure fusing the turquoise with the copper creating a new stone slab to cut the cabochons from. 

The Story:

All of Lock and Key's pieces are inspired by a person of intrigue. American heiress and style icon
Millicent Rogers was considered an exhibitionist by many.  Her many opulent styles seemed to blend
together seamlessly usually topped off by an exquisite Navajo turquoise. Her passion for Southwestern art
found her in Taos, NM where she championed the rights of Native Americans.